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Product Cost Forecasting

Kimberly-Clark is an international corporation, one of the leaders in the production of products for healthcare, personal, professional and industrial hygiene. Presented in Russia for over 20 years.


  • International company

  • Maintaining a large number of Excel files

  • Lack of operational access to up-to-date data

  • The impossibility of forming a forecast in a short time.


  1. Automatic reduction of the cost of materials with trends in changes in their cost.

  2. The ability to make a forecast for the direct cost of materials in parallel with the projected cost.

  3. Loading of planned budgets to cost centers on the ground, and further allocation of costs by lines and products.

  4. Two-way forecasting of materials and production for information in a single PNL calculation table.


  • Reduction of time for preparation and calculation of cost forecasts.

  • Operational update of the plan-factor analysis.

  • Active transformation of costs in favor of cost reduction.

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